Monday, March 24, 2008

The Fountain

I had heard good things about this movie when it came out in theaters but I just never made it in time. This is a weird movie, for sure. There are definitely two almost three different stories going on. They all intertwine in some way. I was definitely left wondering at the end of the movie especially how the third story fit it to it all. I mean each story had pretty much the same plot/theme but it was obvious how the first two related but the last one was not explained. I am thinking it is up to the audience to decide how that story is relevant. The movie's biggest theme is the human quest for eternal life. Each story dealt with different ways of achieving this goal. The second part of that theme, I suppose is that trying for a quest like that will always leave you disappointed. I guess in order to achieve eternal life, it will come with consequences. Which makes sense to me anyways. You can't hope and pray for something so fantastical and just expect it to happen without sacrificing anything. The special effects are definitely very cool. And Hugh Jackman does a great job in this movie. I definitely recommend watching it.


patrick said...

The Fountain was good if somewhat trippy, an interesting crossover of religious/cultural/scientific ideals to say the least

Lisa Mandina said...

I thought this movie sucked.