Thursday, February 28, 2008


I watched this movie a couple of nights ago. I remember when this movie came out and none of my friends really seemed interested in seeing it so I never did. It turned out to be a very shocking and twisted movie. Which isn't all that surprising considering it is a remake of Shakespeare's Othello. Not actually being familiar with Othello's story other than it being a tradegy, made this movie very shocking. I thought this movie really pulled at the heart strings when it comes to love, betrayal, and racial prejudice. Josh Hartnett's character Hugo actually reminds me a lot of Julia Robert's character in Closer. Someone who will never be happy and really ends up destroying people in their fumble through it.

Music and Lyrics

So I watched this movie last night. I really enjoyed it. I even thought the song that Sophie and Alex create was good! Of course this is in the romantic comedy genre but actually I found that this movie wasn't nearly as sappy as usually expected. I thought the chemistry between the Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore was excellent. I especially liked Drew Barrymore's character because she was pretty real. Not perfect at all. She definitely has a quirky and a bit strange personality.