Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breaking and Entering

The reason that I added this movie to my netflix queue was of course because Jude Law is in this movie and secondly because it did look intriguing. I thought this movie was ok. Will's (Jude Law) character at first was a little one dimensional. He really didn't seem to have much emotion or feeling about anything in his life. Which actually could be due to the relationship he was in with his live-in girlfriend. He really just seemed to be floating along oblivious to things around him. His character starts to develop a little bit more after the business he owns is broken into twice. At first, there is a prostitute he is spending time with while waiting for the burglars to come back. He is clearly not interested in her at least not sexually but he continues to let her hang around. I guess you can tell he is looking for something but he doesn't want to settle for just anything. He does find a connection with a woman but it doesn't really seem completely reciprocated and definitely causes problems as any affair does. I am not sure if this movie really has a theme that I am just not getting. It is an interesting story but other than spouse seeks love when his significant other is pushing him away all at the same time other parts of his life are in turmoil. The ending turned out nice because it does show a little bit of kindness and compassion towards others.

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