Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This was a great movie. I just stumbled upon it because of Ryan Gosling, who I think it absolutely adorable but also an immensely talented actor. This movie a psychological thriller that starts out leading the viewer to believe and think one way but as the movie progresses that reality is slowly unraveled. The character that Ewan McGregor plays is a psychologist that is trying to help Ryan Gosling's character. This is pretty black and white but as the movie continues the lines blur and everything just starts turning gray. You start to doubt McGregor's character's sanity and all the while trying to figure out what the heck is going on. The cinematography is very choppy and disjointed much like Mulholland Dr. The choppiness definitely aids in the overall tone and feel of the movie which is utter confusion of reality and fantasy. I definitely recommend this movie.

Mansfield Park

This is a movie based off of the Jane Austen novel which is supposedly the most autobiographical of all of her novels. I thought this was an excellent movie adaptation. The story centers around what all of Austen's novels center around which is poverty and marriage. The main character Fanny Price (Frances O'Conner) is sent to live with her aunt for an education and a better life. Also, probably because her parents couldn't afford her anymore. One of the main points of this story is about marrying someone that you truly love and not just because there is an offer. The story also touches on truly knowing a person and loving everything about them. This movie inspired me to watch Becoming Jane again.

2 Days in Paris

This was such a great movie especially if you are an American that has had the opportunity to travel to Europe. At first I wasn't sure because the movie started out very blurry but the picture was much clearer as the film progressed. Jack (Adam Goldberg) does such a good job of the American traveler abroad. He wasn't the typical annoying tourist or anything but his American roots definitely show through. For example, when him and his girlfriend Marion (Julie Delpy) are waiting in line for a cab when they arrive in Paris, Jack does not want to wait in line, and he doesn't want take public transit. He is fearful of terrorist attacks but in a humorous way. My favorite scene of the entire movie is when Jack goes to a fast food restaurant by himself. The lady behind the counter does not speak English so he is having a hard time ordering from her. I do find it odd that no one behind him in line tried to help him out. Anyways, even after it is clearly established that the lady behind the counter does not speak English whatsoever, Jack continues to joke with her in English. I have had similar experiences with individuals I have traveled with. It is hard for them to grasp that these people really don't understand them. Anyways, this movies is hilarious and definitely shows the differences between the French and American cultures.


So, people have been telling me ever since this movie came out that I need to see it. Well, they were right!! This movie was so good. I would say this movie is a nice mix between Napoleon Dynamite, Accepted and Clueless. The script and dialogue in this movie is one of the wittiest and smartest I have seen in a long time. It is hilarious because no 16 year old that I know would ever talk like that. Juno (Ellen Page) plays this likeable but odd character. She never really engages in small talk, everything she says has some kind of meaning or comes out of left field. The way the dialogue happens between the characters in this movie is almost musical. I also think this movie does a good job of portraying life as a teenager in a more awkward, realistic way. Not everyone goes to prom or is excited about it but that doesn't make them the Goth rebels that are usually portrayed in movies. It is also cool how Juno's best girlfriend is a cheerleader and popular. This helps to illustrate that sometimes people are actually really friends in high school. That cheerleaders hang out with more than each other and the football players. I thought for the most part this was one of the more acturate portrayals of high school that I have seen in a long time.