Sunday, March 2, 2008

30 Days of Night

So I just watched this movie tonight with my family. I definitely thought this movie has an interesting twist on the whole vampire horror movie. The story takes place in the most northern point of the U.S. in Alaska. This small town is used to the weather conditions where they have 30 days of darkness. Most of the town goes south for the month and a few stay behind. Unfortunately, these 30 days are going to be different. The town is under attack by these vampires creatures that have an agenda. Basically the vampires don't want to create more of them like usual, they just want to feed. I definitely liked some of the cinematography in this movie. Definitely has lots of blood and gore. I don't think it was the best horror movie I have ever seen but it definitely was not bad. I think that the story is definitely fresh and not redundant and the ending wasn't too much of a 'deus ex machina'. If you want a movie with a decent story and to be scared I think this is a definite movie to watch.

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