Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Dreams May Come (1998)

I know, I know. I can't believe I am just now getting around to watching this movie. This movie stars Robin Williams as Chris Nielson who finds his soulmate in Annie (Annabella Sciorra). The classic story of they meet in a very romantic, chance encounter and fall in love. They get married, build a life and have children. And then tragedy befalls this seemingly atypical family. First, their two children are killed in a car accident and then, four years later Chris dies in a car wreck himself. Once Chris is dead, he encounters Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s character who guides him through the new and strange stage of his afterlife. At first, Chris has a hard time leaving his wife because she is having a very hard time with his death. After awhile, though, he realizes he is actually making her grief worse and decides to fully embrace his reality. He slowly finds and meets some people in the afterlife who are very special people. Then he finds outs his wife who has not been able to cope with his death, has killed herself. The unfortunate part is she doesn't get to join him in the wonderful afterlife he has discovered because of her suicide. She has to remain in hell unless she can forgive herself and let go of her current reality which she believes she is still alive. This seemingly is an impossibility. Chris is determined to find her and try to convince her and save her. The cinematography and visual effects in this movie are absolutely spectacular. Such a creative and tangible use of colors and imagery. A major point of this movie was about true and deep love transcending life and death. This movie made me think about my own views not of heaven and hell but of true love and soul mates. Do they actually exist? Part of me thinks this movie is extremely uplifting and the other part of me feels like the idea of soul mates can be an daunting endeavor. Maybe, I am just in a weird mood. Anyway, definitely a great movie that makes you feel good and think about things.

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