Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

So I literally just watched this movie at the theater. Basically, it was a alien/war movie. I thought the emotional component was definitely there. I thought that the movie's overall theme was our human nature being tested. Our emotional and vulnerable sides being tested against unfeeling, robotic like creatures. Aaron Eckhart plays a conflicted staff sergeant who is struggling with ending his career as a marine after a horrible combat situation and fighting for his life with a group of marines who believe he was a careless leader. The movie also had a lot of comedic relief considering the intensity throughout the movie. I did think that we could have seen more of the aliens or maybe learned more about their culture, background, etc.

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Lisa Mandina said...

I think it was more focusing on the military part than the aliens, and like you I would have liked to see more aliens. I also wonder how many military people would really treat him like that. I really believe that those who are in the military and have been in combat know better than to believe someone deserted their unit. But that's my opinion.