Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

This movie takes place in a very tough neighborhood in Boston where a 3-year-old girl, Amanda, has gone missing. The girl's mother is a drug-addict and a neglectful mother who was doing drugs when her little girl was taken. Patrick (Casey Affleck) and his girlfriend Angela (Michelle Monaghan) run a private detective business who are hired by the little girl's aunt and uncle. Patrick uses his knowledge and contacts in the neighborhood to find out who the child's mother was hanging around and what she was up to. Patrick and Angela are working with two cops, one of which is played by Ed Harris, to find the little girl. The police chief is played by Morgan Freeman. They find out that the mother stole a large sum of money from a drug dealer so at first it seems that the drug dealer also kidnapped the little girl. So an easy exchange of the money for the little girl, right? Of course not. The exchange goes wrong and it seems that the little girl gets lost in the mess. But nothing seems to add up and Patrick starts looking back at what he thought were truths. The end of this movies poses a very troubling and tough decision. I am still not 100% sure what the right decision is. My gut says clearly the obvious one but that one isn't perfect either. Plus, with the ending you are almost assured that your initial gut instinct was right. Great movie.

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