Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Collector (2009)

So I absolutely love scary movies. My dad and I are always looking for more scary movies. The scarier, the gorier, the better. You have to watch a lot of bad ones too. Maybe sometime I will make a list of the top worst ones I have seen. Now that would be fun!! Any way, so about The Collector. This movie opens to, of course, a seemingly perfect, rich family that is having some home maintenance before they head off for a family vacation. Arkin (Josh Stewart) is a local contractor fixing small things around the house and there is also a team of exterminators. Initially, Arkin seems a bit shady. The man of the house is kind to Arkin and gives him extra money when he is paying him to help take care of Arkin's family, especially his daughter. Turns out Arkin's wife owes some loan shark an unknown amount of money. Arkin had promised to return with the amount but falls short and promises to come up with the rest. Arkin makes plans with some friends from his time in jail to break into the house he has been working on.
Unfortunately for Arkin, someone is already in the house. While trying to determine the safe combination, he hears the woman of the house scream for her life. So the family has a dad, a mom, a teenager daughter (played by Madeline Zima), and a young girl named Hannah. He maneuvers around a crazy man in a super creepy S&M type mask throughout the house to find the mom and the dad in the basement. He finds out the older daughter left before the crazy man attacked but Hannah is missing. Not to mention that the crazy man has psycho booby-trapped the entire house. The movie is pretty gory, lots of torture and suspense. The ending is very typical of this type of movie. Don't watch if you have a weak stomach but definitely worth a watch otherwise!

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