Saturday, January 10, 2009

A River Runs Through It

This review is dedicated to Jake Hiller! Interestingly enough I just got around to recently watching this movie. If you like Legends of the Fall, I definitely think you would enjoy this movie as well. First of all the scenery throughout this movie is incredible. It definitely made me want to go camping or fishing very soon! This movie follows the story of two brothers growing up together in rural Montana where people consider fly-fishing a religion. Brad Pitt and and Craig Sheffer play the brothers and are both constantly trying to discover who they are and what they should be while trying to live up to their father's, a Baptist minister played by Tom Skerritt, expectations. Brad Pitt plays the younger brother who has always been on a more daring and confident path than his older brother. Brad Pitt does a wonderful job of making the character endearing and full of life. The older brother is much more concerned with how he should live, what his father wants him to do then doing exactly what he wants to do. The movie exemplifies the significant differences between siblings but also how those differences can make those bonds stronger. The older brother definitely disagrees with a lot of the decisions that the younger brother makes but because they are brothers the older brother bails the younger brother out of some situations. This movie is a great movie that shows the love between family and also reminds you of those people you have met that have touched your life. It reminds you that those special people that have touched your life by just being themselves are rare and you should treasure them for as long as you have with them.

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