Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Me Without You (2001)

This was an interesting story about two girls, Holly (Michele Williams) and Marina (Anna Friel), who are the best of friends from childhood. The story starts in London in the 1970s where the girls are next door neighbors and inseparable and continues through adolescence, college and adulthood. While the girls differences are celebrate and embraced when they are young, the differences become what tries to tear the girls apart. Although I can definitely sympathize with both characters, as Marina gets older she definitely gets less likable. While I think a majority of her issues stem from her family life, selfish mother, on again/off again father, there become a point where you need to rise against the hand you were dealt. Holly's character plays more of the victim in the story which is more relate-able but at the same time you just want her to DO something about it. It seems that Holly is too afraid to take any risks, and if she isn't careful she will end of losing something substantial. I don't think this was the greatest movie but it was definitely entertaining. I think this story illustrates how people grow apart but if you let it you can learn to love the differences in people again.

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