Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 Days in Paris

This was such a great movie especially if you are an American that has had the opportunity to travel to Europe. At first I wasn't sure because the movie started out very blurry but the picture was much clearer as the film progressed. Jack (Adam Goldberg) does such a good job of the American traveler abroad. He wasn't the typical annoying tourist or anything but his American roots definitely show through. For example, when him and his girlfriend Marion (Julie Delpy) are waiting in line for a cab when they arrive in Paris, Jack does not want to wait in line, and he doesn't want take public transit. He is fearful of terrorist attacks but in a humorous way. My favorite scene of the entire movie is when Jack goes to a fast food restaurant by himself. The lady behind the counter does not speak English so he is having a hard time ordering from her. I do find it odd that no one behind him in line tried to help him out. Anyways, even after it is clearly established that the lady behind the counter does not speak English whatsoever, Jack continues to joke with her in English. I have had similar experiences with individuals I have traveled with. It is hard for them to grasp that these people really don't understand them. Anyways, this movies is hilarious and definitely shows the differences between the French and American cultures.

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